July 06, 2017


Baby shower gifts

A baby shower is a very significant and memorable day not only for the expectant parents but for the entire family and loved ones. The best ways to commemorate this occasion is through baby shower gifts. It is however important to choose the right baby shower gifts that are not only beautiful, but also safe and helps baby's mental development even as they grow.

Do you have problems or find it difficult choosing right baby shower gift as the most awaited date is approaching? If you have prepare your gift and still thinks something is missing or you don’t have idea of what to go for, no worries for this article will help you find the best present to give for the baby shower.


Baby Cotton Wrist Watches Are Perfect Gifts for Baby Showers


We discovered that most mothers loves and cherish handcrafted baby shower gifts made especially for their baby with love. This is exactly what you get with our unique baby wrist watch made with 100% cotton and with the thought of your baby at heart.

One of the best gifts you can offer to a baby shower is a unique cotton bracelet designed that looks just like wristwatch for baby. These cotton bracelets are Handmade with 100% organic and chemical-free cotton fabric that is ultra-soft, breathable and non-irritating against baby's skin. Just as we know that Cottons are great on skin.

Babyswatch  bracelets are BPA free, latex free, phthalate free and lead free. The product comes in different designs and graphics printed in high definition resolution that doesn't fades and its suits baby’s wrist perfectly causing no discomfort nor bleach on baby's skin.

One great thing about Babyswatch bracelet is that it's not only beautiful and attractive, but also very useful and helps develop baby's mind to create good memory and imagination even as they grow up. It’s also serving as a great companion as baby curiously glares at the unique fluffy wrist watch in awe.

You will be assured that your money won't go into waste when you buy any of baby watch bracelet which comes in different designs and colors that suits all genders. We are proud to say that Baby bracelet always bring smile on the face of the recipient. Apart from been fashionable, the unique and cute faux wrist watch gives the adorable creature the glow that brighten up the whole room, making it’s the central of attraction.  

Baby cotton wrist watches are available online; you can easily get one from Babyswatch, by browsing our various sophisticated bracelets with different designs and colors and one size fit baby, toddler from age 0 to 6. At 17cm long, this unique cotton bracelet fits baby's wrist perfectly. You can get one at $14.99 each, with free first class shipping in U.S for orders over $30. Whoops! Isn’t that wonderful?

Just as we all know that buying baby shower gifts often pose to be a challenge, considering many items in market that are often popular but not practical baby shower gifts. Many have agreed that purchasing clothes, bottles, or pacifiers is simply not a good idea because babies have different weights and grow rapidly. Also bottles and pacifiers may seem ideal, but never forget babies generally have self-preferences for bottles and pacifiers.

Although, almost all baby shower gifts are appreciated in as long they are not embarrassing or insulting to the expectant mother. But also remember that appropriate baby shower gift is a gift that is suitable for the particular person and the particular occasion. Rather than risk giving a baby shower gift that won't or can't be used by the recipient, why not opt for a baby shower gift that the expectant parent and the newborn are certain to love.